No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be. – Chuck Thompson

Planning is key, so we need you to tell us what are the places worth visiting and seeing when we are on the way.

A breathtaking view point? A friendly place to stay? A cosy camping spot with stunning views? A bar with some good beer? A helpful garage? Your place?

Just let us know how we can improve our planning by adding a pin to the map below: simply click on the top right hand corner button (the “dashed rectangle”) that expands the map and then edit it by placing the pin and adding a few words about the place. You need to have a google account and be logged in to be able to edit the map.

You can also drop us a line instead if the above is too complicated or you just don’t want to make the pin visible to the public.

How about your tips on Europe and Africa first? Feel free to add pins on other continents, too.