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Review: Eastbound – the right tools for wheels

by ADV Hoppers

You never want to have a puncture when you are travelling. But if you do have one, you’d better have the good tools for working on the wheels. For such situations, we are equipped with Tyre-pro set manufactured by Eastbound.

Ultra-compact and light, modular and beautifully made aluminium set of axle nut spanners, tyre spoons and levers. The tools look great, feel great in the hand and you can easily tell the high quality that is far exceeding the needs. They just seem indestructible! They are packed in small sets, so easily fit in any luggage, even a small tank bag. You can adjust the handles of the tools by adding or removing the parts to apply the best torque.

Once you seal the tubes or tyres you need to have some air back in them. We think MotoPressor Pocket Pump is the one to use. Compact, light, heavy duty stuff just perfectly matches the adv attitude. Works perfectly, inflates tyres in seconds and is a definite must-have on your voyages.

If you decide not to wait for the puncture (not that it is something anyone is longing for) or any other situation that requires dismounting the wheels, you can definitely find alternative uses for the Eastbound tools. We can surely recommend them as Christmas tree ornaments or ice-cream spoons.

The tools you purchase at Eastbound come nicely packed in strong  bags that make it easy to store and carry those superb tools.

Tip: You can buy tool packs designed for a specific bike.


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