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Review: Wolfman Luggage Enduro Tank Bag WP

by ADV Hoppers

The Wolfman Luggage Enduro Tank Bag has always been one of  the most recognised and wanted tank bags for enduro and dual sport motorbikes.  We’ve had the previous version of the product (that we used on our “big” bikes)  and were extremely happy with it, as it has been close to perfect in all aspects: size, capacity and functionality, so we were a bit sceptical about the new design. We thought it would be stiff, smell of plastic and just not fulfil all the expectations we had after using the old one.

Look and feel

When we unpacked the 2020 WP version it appeared very nice to touch, stiff enough to keep the shape, but not being a hard case at all. We liked the fact the yellow seams and the logo are reflective and it just looked waterproof. and easy to clean. All the yellow cords and elastic bands seemed of good quality and the flap covering the zipper, although a bit annoying when opening the tank bag, may be a good protection, too.  The bottom of the tank bag was also smooth and pads under the buckles should prevent the bike from being scratched.

Producer’s description on all the features and dimensions can be found here: Enduro Motorcycle Tank Bag WP

Mounting on the bike

The Wolfman Luggage Enduro Tank Bag WP comes with all the mounting straps and buckles and the installation is easy and intuitive. Everything fits perfectly and you can adjust where you want the tank bag to be mounted – more at the front or to the back. Four buckles keep the bag firmly in its place. You can watch a video tutorial on how to strap the tank bag on your bike.

Enduro Tank Bag in use

The tank bag sits on a bike perfectly. It is big enough to carry some small items like a pack of handkerchiefs, a snack or other essential things you like to have with you. The detachable waist belt pouch is great for storing the documents and a very small wallet (but I can’t imagine fitting a mobile phone there, unless it is really tiny). The fact that it is yellow inside makes all the stuff that is in visible and easy to find. On the other hand the tank bag is small enough not to bother you when you need to ride standing. Actually you do not even notice it when you are on the bike, which proves it is a perfect size. The handle makes it easy to carry the tank bag around and is big enough to use it with your gloves, but it is not annoying while riding.

We have not had a chance to ride in the rain yet, but the test under the shower came out positive – not a single drop got inside. The water repellent zipper and the inner cuff should also not let any dust in. (Speaking of dust – make sure you always clean the zippers on your luggage and clothes after a dusty ride – this 2-minute routine will help with keeping them undamaged and watertight, you just don’t want the small dust particles to destroy the zippers every time you open or close them)

Could it be better?

We love the new design and functionality, of Wolfman Luggage Enduro Tank Bag WP but it could be even better if some of the features from the previous version could be adapted:

  • The external slip in pocket was just great to quickly put in some small items – a screw that has just fallen off your bike, a coin for a shopping cart, small cash to pay for the tunnel, ferry or highway (although you do not use those frequently when riding a dual sport bike).
  • A separator dividing the mai internal compartment of the tank bag – if you are organised and you can’t stand the mess in the bag this is extremely helpful in finding your stuff quickly. Of course with the yellow inside of the new tank bag it is easy anyway, but some extra organisation could make it even better.

  •  A loop or a key chain inside the bag would be perfect so you will always know where the key is.
  • For stickers lovers: Sticker on the label tag… is just not good. You can’t stick it on your bike or helmet or anywhere. It sits on the label tag and peels of with the cardboard. We made a numerous attempts, tried using a hairdryer to warm it up and then it peels off easier, but won’t stick on other surfaces even if the hairdryer is used again.

Final conclusion

If you are looking for a small yet functional tank bag, the Wolfman Luggage Enduro Tank Bag WP is a solid candidate. Ideal for daily trips and in combination with other luggage bags can come handy on longer journeys.

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