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Review: Coolride Grip Heating System Comfort

by ADV Hoppers

Coolride Grip Heating System – for all the seasons?

Even though we decided to follow the sun and a good weather on our motorbikes, there are days that are just more miserable than others in terms of weather and temperature. Actually, it can be even quite warm and sunny but you still want that extra comfort to your hands. Or, like Agata, you just need to have the heated grips working when there is less than 20 degrees 🙂 We read somewhere that there is a system that gas the heating element inside the steering bar and after some researching we found Coolride and installed the “Comfort” version of the Coolride Grip Heating System on our bikes.

What is this?

The Grip Heating System Comfort consists of heating cartridges mounted inside of the steering bar and relevant electronics. The system has a power controlled and is operated through a small button. There are 5 power levels, so you can easily choose how hot the grips should get.  The “Alpin” version of the system offers temperature compensation based on the outside temperature (this feature we could not test, as we had a more basic version of the product).

Feel free to watch the video shared by Coolride, to tell you more about the system:

Size matters!

The heating cartridges come in many sizes to fit every steering bar, so it is important to correctly measure the inner  diameter of the one that it on your bike. Detailed instruction on how to measure, with some examples is provided on the product page on the Coolride website.


What comes in a pack?

The package you get is small, but has all you need to mount the system on your bike:

  • a pair of heating cartridges with wiring
  • power controller
  • control button
  • isolating spacer discs
  • rubber grommet
  • connectors
  • Coolride special 2-component adhesive
  • installation instruction for heating cartridges and power controllers

Installation process

It is not a difficult task to install the system. Just follow the instructions in the manual and you will be done in no-time. With the 2nd set we felt we already had some practice and it went twice as fast.


  • works great
  • adjustable heating levels with preheating
  • auto switch
  • easy to install, as you have clear instructions and all necessary components
  • minimalistic but efficient
  • invisible, both the cartridges and cables
  • high quality materials (Made in Germany 😉 by a dedicated team)
  • not possible to wear out
  • acting as weights on the edges of the steering bar, minimising the vibrations and improving handling
  • you can use whichever grips you want
  • 5 years of warranty


  • more expensive than standard heated grip systems
  • once installed on a bike not possible to remove and mount on another bike
  • you need to drill a small hole in your steering bar 🙂

Suggestions for improvements:

  • Maybe the mounting of the button operating the system can have a more “solid” mounting than with a zip tie? We were thinking of some mounting ring with a small screw? Just being picky 🙂

Final conclusion

We totally love the grips. They are powerful, easy to install and use and proved to be useful many times so far, even in summer or during rainy days. Way to go!

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